frequently asked questions

How does the custom design process work? Is it different for weddings and other events?

Yes, I have a different system in place for weddings as opposed to other events, however the wedding process may be used on larger, more formal events as well.. For weddings, I try to break the design process into several phases. Breaking it into phases helps to keep it from getting overwhelming and allows each client more focus on each individual phase rather than tackling all at once. I want this process to be as fun and enjoyable as possible! Generally, wedding custom designs are completed in 5-6 steps.
1. FONT + VERBIAGE SELECTION: The first phase is selecting your wedding invitation verbiage (otherwise known as wording). Clients are sent a PDF containing some of the most popular options to choose from or can submit one they prefer more.  During this step, clients are also sent my font catalogs to choose 4-6 fonts from.  I'll then send black and white font pairing samples using the wording that has been chosen in a combination of the fonts.
2. TEXT PLACEMENT + FOMATTING: Once the wording and fonts are finalized, we'll move onto this step.  We'll discuss things like how you'd like the text justified, spacing + line breaks, adding emphasis to certain details, etc.
3. COLOR + DESIGN: This is the step where the design really starts to come to life!  We'll discuss what colors and print methods you envision being used as well as the graphics/designs that will be used throughout your event.
4. FORMATTING OF ADDITIONAL PIECES: Once the above phases have been completed for the main invitation panel, we'll build the rest of your suite (rsvp card, envelopes, etc.).
5. FINAL REVIEW + CONTRACTING: Once everything is proofed and approved by the client, we can print a physical sample (if the printing method allows) or go straight into contracting.  Payment and signed contract are required to send any order into production.
6. "DAY OF" DESIGNS: If the client is interested in ordering any other pieces, we'll discuss what is needed and start to design these pieces, typically after the invitations have been sent out. We'll then contract for these remaining pieces and send into production once the client has their final guest count.

For other events, clients are asked if they have exact verbiage they'd like used or design inspiration and then I work up a proof based off of what I think would compliment their request.

What payment methods do you accept?

I accept the following payment methods: Cash, check, Venmo, Zelle, or you can choose to request an e-mal invoice if you'd like to process your payment using credit/debit/bank transfer.

Under the wedding or large event deposit, clients receive up to 2 hours of design time for their event. Additional hours are typically not needed, however, if we approach the time limit, the client will be notified and additional hours can be billed.  For other events, two rounds of modifications are included . If the entire design has to be re-worked completely, an additional fee will apply and varies depending on the complexity of the design and what graphics have to be purchased for the design.

How many rounds of revisions do I get?

You include recipient addressing and return addressing? What format do I need to send my addresses in?

Yes!  I pride myself on making the envelopes for your order as eye catching and detailed as the contents that go inside of the envelope.  All addressing is included as long as you are having me print on envelopes that are light enough in color to print on. White ink addressing on dark envelopes is an additional cost as are labels. We do offer those methods as well though. We do need your addresses sent in a particular format.  Click the link below to download the guestlist formatting from Google Drive.

Looking for guestlist formatting?
click this link to download!

I've seen a design you've done previously that i love, Can I order it?

While we encourage custom designs, we do get this request as well and can offer almost any design for new clients.

Absolutely!  We're offering catalog and custom designs for 2022.  If you wish to view the catalog, simply follow the link below:

Are you offering holiday card designs?

Will you stamp + mail my order on my behalf?

I do offer mailing services!  Just simply e-mail me and say you'd like postage added to your contract and I will mail your order on your behalf. Orders can also be shipped directly to you or even a combination of both methods!

Do you include assembly of each order?

Yes, I consider myself to be "full-service" so assembly is included as well as mailing services if requested.

What printing methods do you offer?

We currently offer letterpress, foil (both printed and stamped), UV printing, digital printing, white ink, + thermography. Want something you don't see listed?  I'm constantly adding new methods so feel free to ask!